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All Your Wedding Hair & Makeup Questions Answered - By An Experienced Bridal Hair & Makeup Specialist


Does bridal makeup last all day?

When applied correctly, your bridal makeup should last well throughout the day. 
It is important to choose the right products according to your skin type and any existing concerns, such as - foundation does not stay, creasing in certain areas, oiliness, dryness, etc…


This is why it is important to arrange a trial prior to your big day. During the trial I will pinpoint all of the nuances and create the look accordingly, so on the day all stays put and you can happily enjoy the celebrations through the laughter and tears. 

Does wedding makeup have to be heavy?
Absolutely not! Although a little more makeup than usual is beneficial for images, there is no need to overload the face if this makes you feel uncomfortable. It is important to understand the needs and a comfort zone of each individual client and tailor the look accordingly.


A lot of my brides never wear makeup, so emphasising on their best features without adding unnecessary layers is the key. Like this on camera, everything looks flawless, but not overly done. Your Bridal look should feel like you, but better. The choice of correct products for such natural looks is crucial. 

What foundation do makeup artists use for weddings?
This depends on each individual makeup artist. All of us have different ways of workflow and finish to our makeup looks.


Some makeup artists work very naturally, when others prefer full glam looks. In my kit I have a great variety of products that cater for both. If you are after natural seamless finish, I like to use such foundations like Pat MCGrath Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation, Armani Luminous Silk,  MAC Face & Body, Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder, NARSS Light Reflecting Foundation. For heavier coverage I really like NARSS Radiant Full Coverage, Estee Lauder Double Wear, YSL Touche Eclat, MAC Studio Skin Finish and Prolongwear Waterproof Foundations. 

Which type of makeup is best for a wedding?
The makeup that looks good in real life and pictures. Best makeup for your wedding day is the one that is tailored specifically to your needs. This is why the choice of the right and experienced makeup artist is so important.


Together with your artist you must understand the needs of your skin and how to address them in a correct manner. It is also important to understand the lighting scenarios of the day. If it is a morning ceremony, perhaps lighter makeup is best for you. If your wedding is happening during the evening hours and indoors, perhaps something a little heavier is needed.

Which makeup is best for a wedding day?
The best makeup for your wedding day is created using long wearing and waterproof products. The day is usually long and there are a lot of tears involved. Waterproof mascara is a must! Great waterproof lip liners are also important! Don’t forget about the setting spray!


If you are looking to have a more natural wedding look, you can use setting spray before applying the foundation and after, this will create an extra layer of security. My favourite liners and setting spray are from Charlotte Tilbury.

What is important for bridal makeup?
It is very important to prepare your skin before the wedding day. A good skin prep starts as early as 3 months. General rules like drinking plenty of water, eating well, moderate exercise, good night sleep and right skin care go without saying.


If you are suffering from skin conditions like acne, breakouts, excessive dryness, psoriasis, etc, it may be a good idea to pay a visit to your dermatologist to see how it can be resolved. If your skin is in a good condition and there are no major concerns, then a good skin care such as face wash, toner, serum and moisturiser twice daily is a good routine for you. Gentle exfoliation twice a week could be also beneficial. Applying moisturising masks, especially with hyaluronic acid is also a good practice.


Please, remember, correct product choice according to your skin type is very important. If you are unsure what skin type you are, visit your local dermatologist, he will be able to assess on a professional level and help you choose the right skincare routine accordingly.

How do I maintain my wedding makeup?
You can maintain your wedding makeup by having a few touchup products at hand. Usually these are: blotting papers or powder, refreshing setting spray, lipliner and lipstick or lipgloss. 

After the trial run is complete and we finalise the product choice, I will send you the list of makeup items that are good to purchase to have in your wedding purse.  

When to start looking for my wedding makeup and hair artist?

The best time to start looking for your wedding makeup and hair artist is right after you secured the wedding date and the venue. Start making a selection of artists you like and get in touch. Great artists get booked up very quickly. 

What should I look for when booking a makeup artist?

When looking for the right makeup artist for your wedding day it is important to like the style of their work.  If you are after a more natural wedding look, seek for an artist that specialises in natural makeup. If you love full glam, baking and heavy contouring, it is best to look for an artist that specialises in heavier looks and has such examples in their portfolio.

Experience and understanding of different skin types and skin tones is also very important. This should be clearly visible from the artist's portfolio. 

How to choose a wedding makeup artist?
When looking for your bridal makeup and hair stylist, make a selection of artists that are local to your area or the area of the wedding location, unless it is a destination wedding, of course. Have an approximate budget in mind and amount of guests you would like makeup and hair service for. Select artists whose portfolios reflect best of the style you are after.


Once the section is made, contact each artist and request a quote. See who is available and whose style and quote appeals the most. 

What questions should I ask my wedding makeup artist?
Good questions to ask your makeup artist:

Are you available on the date of the wedding and can travel to the location?

Where is the trial taking place?

Do you provide makeup and hair assistant?

How long do you need for hair and makeup?

What products do you use?

How long will you need to prepare everyone on the day?

Is travel/parking/congestion included?

What are the cancellation/date change terms?

What are the payment terms?

Do you work with hair extensions or wigs?

Do you do phone consultations?
I do phone consultations prior to the booking, if there are any questions regarding your wedding day or any other concerns, feel free to give me a call before booking me. The rest of the process is happening over the email. I usually respond within 48 hrs of receiving the inquiry. 

What brands of makeup do you use?
Staple brands in my kit are Armani, Charlotte Tilbury, Dior, Chanel, Hourglass, NARSS, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Mac, and Illamasqua. I regularly test out other new brands and I like the products, they make it in my kit.

Do you work with different ethnicities?
I work with all ethnicities and have products in my kit to cater for all skin colours. Check out my specialist pages on Asian, European and Oriental bridal makeup.

Do you accommodate older skin?
Absolutely. I regularly work with mature skin and cater products and techniques for all ages. My eldest client up to this day is 90 years old. 

Can you do bridal makeup for larger groups?
I can do makeup and hair for larger groups and have a team of trusted assistants that come on larger bookings with me. 

Do you offer false lashes?
I offer a vast selection of individual false lashes, from very natural to very full, so everyone is covered.

Will you provide a hair and make up schedule for the big day?
After we secured the booking and confirmed the number of guests that will require hair and makeup, I will prepare a detailed schedule for you. Usually I allow 1 hour per hair or makeup slot and accommodate 15 - 30 minutes for touch ups depending on the time of ceremony. 

How to make hair and makeup booking?
I take bookings via the contact form on my website. If you would like to make an inquiry, please visit my contact page and fill in all the requested fields. I try to get back to everyone within 48 hrs of receiving the inquiry. 

When to arrange bridal hair & makeup trial?
I advise you to arrange a makeup and hair trial around the 3 month period prior to your big day. This is the optimal amount of time to see you in person and trial the look. In case of any adjustments or skin concerns this is also an optimal time to visit a dermatologist if needed.


In cases where a trial is only possible in a short period of time, for example if a bride does not live in the UK, I still strongly advise arranging a trial, even if it is a few days before the wedding. Like this we have 2- 4 hours to play around with the products and pinpoint the best ones for you, addressing your skin type and finalising the look.

How long does it take to do bridal hair and makeup?
On the day bridal hair and makeup takes 2 - 3 hours, depending on the desired hair and makeup style. I will be able to give better advice after we discuss the look.

I don’t have much hair, can I still have a bridal hairdo?
I have a few tricks up my sleeve on how to make fine hair look and feel voluminous. If you have such a concern, feel free to give me a call to have a chat prior to the booking. 

My hair never holds a curl, can I have my hair in down style?
Although fine hair does not like to hold a curl, there are a few tricks up my sleeve on how this can be achieved. Correct hair prep, right product choice and sometimes a set of good hair extensions will do the magic. 

Do you provide hair extensions?
I do not provide hair extensions, but I can guide you throughout the process and nod you in the right direction on how to choose the set for you and where to buy it.

Do you have a studio?
I have a home studio where I arrange all my trials. I am based in zone 4 West London, and am 10 minutes away from Greenford Tube Station ( Central Line ). 

Do you travel?
I am available to travel worldwide for destination weddings. In the UK I take weddings that are no longer than 1h30 drive away from my home studio in UB6. Occasionally I can accommodate weddings that are further away,  but in this case I will require to travel the night before and stay in the hotel nearby. 

Can I book you to stay on for touch ups or restyle in the evening?
Absolutely. I am available to stay on for touch ups or come back in the evening for a look change. This, of course, inclines an extra charge. You can find more details on my price list page. 

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