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Say 'I do' to stunning bridal hair and let me work my magic on the biggest day of your life. 


Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It is a time for everything to be perfect, from the dress to the venue, and of course, your bridal hair.  Saying 'I do' to hiring a professional hairstylist for your London wedding allows you to relax and enjoy the pampering experience of having your hair professionally styled at the comfort of your own home or a bridal suit at the wedding venue. By investing in a professional hairstylist, you are not only hiring someone who understands the latest trends and techniques but also an individual who knows how to make your hair look its best on your special day. 


On your wedding day, you deserve to feel like a princess from head to toe. And I am here to help you! From choosing the perfect accessories to creating a hairstyle that complements your dress and enhances your natural beauty, I will transform your vision into reality, ensuring that you turn heads as you walk down the aisle. 


Not only I will bring my technical skills to the table, but I will also take into account the specific needs of your hair type, weather conditions, and even the wedding venue, ensuring that your hair stays picture-perfect throughout the day. I will ensure that your hairstyle will complement your face shape, dress, and personal style and looks flawless from every angle, so you can focus on enjoying your special moment without any distractions.


As a wedding makeup artist and hairstylist working in London, I have 12 years of experience working with many different hair types, including European, Asian, East - Asian and Afro hair. Specialising in creating European bridal hairstyles that are fresh and modern and tailored according to each individual clients features and taste. Not one hair type is the same and has to be treated accordingly. I have a deep understanding of each hair type and what preparation, tools and products will work and last best for each. Inspired by current trends, I create timeless wedding hairstyles that look feminine, feel comfortable, last all day and photograph beautifully. 

By hiring me as professional hairstylist, you can relax and enjoy your special day knowing that your hair is in expert hands.  It is a decision you won't regret.

Please see the hair galleries below. 

To inquire about the wedding makeup and (or)  hair for you and your team, please get in touch by filling in the contact form.


Hair Trends 2024

As a Bridal hair stylist, I understand that choosing the perfect hairstyle for your Big Day requires careful consideration of various factors, such as the type of dress you will be wearing, your preference for an updo or wearing your hair down, the length and volume of your hair, and whether you will be having an indoor or outdoor wedding, among others. With so many things to consider, it can be overwhelming to make the right decision.

Fortunately, there are some current trends that you can draw inspiration from to help you make the right choice for your wedding makeup and hairstyle. Whether you opt for a romantic up do, Hollywood wave or a tight bun, there is a style that will suit your unique taste and personality. Don't be afraid to experiment with different looks and consult with your Bridal hair stylist to achieve the perfect look for your special day.


Soft waves 

This year, there's a growing trend among brides to opt for a more natural-looking wedding hairstyle. Many prefer a less polished, more authentic appearance that enhances their own features.

A natural look involves creating a flowy, effortless movement in the hair without excessive styling or curling. A slightly imperfect parting can also contribute to a natural appearance, making it seem as if your hair naturally falls in that direction.


Hair frames the face in a more organic way and can create a softer, more natural look. The natural look for brides is incredibly popular right now, helping them look like the best version of themselves on their special day.

Sleek Bun

Naughties are here and not going anywhere anytime soon! Gelled, flat hairstyles are so in right now! So many celebrities rocking the style on Red Carpet this year. This wedding hairstyle is perfect for brides who don’t like volume or want to keep their hair out of the face and in place all day! Such hairstyles require minimal maintaining throughout the day and are so perfect for summer city celebrations. 

Bridal Sleek Bun Hairstyle

New Take on Hollywood Waves 

Vintage wave has been extremely popular over the past few years and it is still the case. This year Hollywood Wave is taking a little twist. A little cross between perfect hollywood wave and 90's sleekness is a hit! Whether it is a mini side ponytail as seen on many celebrities this year or a sleek middle part with a ponytail that merges with the perfect wave at the back, we definitely see styles crossing and I am loving it. 

Soft Top Knot

This hairstyle has taken over the internet in the middle of 2023 and is so hot right now! A cross between a french pleat and a top knot with loose hair flowing out and around. It is such a gorgeous style that will complement everyone's features as the front can be customised which ever way you like. Tthis hairstyle is incredibly adoptable and will suit everyone! 

Bridal Vintage Wave Ponytail
Relaxed Bridal Ponytail

Relaxed Ponytails and Bows

This year we are aiming for simplicity and easiness. Long gone super complicated and intricate hairstyles, brides are aiming for more relaxed easy hair. Lightly curled half up half down, that is not too perfect is so in! Bows and ribbons are massively in trend too! As seen on so many catwalks during the Couture Fashion week, this accessory is HOT and is a great addition to your bridal ponytail or a half up half down style. 


'All my guests thought my wedding hair was a work of art '

''I had the pleasure of booking Tamara to do my bridal hair and makeup on me and my 3 bridesmaids.

Tamara is very professional, extremely talented, and a skilled wedding makeup artist. On the day she was on time, calm and very organized. She completely understood what I wanted for my hairstyle, the trial went very well and on the day it was even better than I could have imagined, absolutely stunning result and my bridesmaid's hair looked incredibly beautiful.

      My bridal hairstyle was an updo and it lasted until the end of the day. All my guests thought my hair was a work of art.

      I highly recommend Tamara, she is absolutely wonderful at what she does and made me look absolutely stunning on the day.  Thank you so much for making my day so special!''


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